The Weight Loss “Formula”

This is going to upset you, so be prepared for it.

Weight loss has always been summed up in a simple statement: Eat less, move more.

Go ahead, be mad if you want to. Maybe you want to protest that it can’t be that simple. Or maybe you say, “But I AM eating less and moving more, but it’s not WORKING!”

Now I’m going to make you angry again. If you really were eating less and moving more, it would be working. If it’s not, you’re not.

Don’t misunderstand. Recent research is showing that intense exercise skips right past aerobic activity to anaerobic, which doesn’t burn fat. But folks, most people (maybe you) don’t have that problem. Most people simply stuff their faces and sit on their butts.

The “formula” is something kid can understand. If you move more, you typically burn calories. That’s not rocket science, and you don’t have to Olympic athlete. I’m talking about walking, for crying out loud. Or maybe playing tennis. Or riding a bike around the neighborhood.

And the eating part? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard an overweight person gripe about being fat…while eating something outrageously fattening. If you’re complaining about your weight while you’re eating a donut, you need to start being honest with yourself.

Weight loss always has been about eating fewer calories and burning more calories. Fat is stored calories. You gotta clean out your body’s garage!

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