Slow Down!

Have you ever seen hyenas eat? Let me tell you, it’s a frenzy.

Overweight people tend to be the human eqivalent. These folks can chow down. What they don’t know, is that their eating speed might be a big contributor to their weight “problem”.

There’s no substitute for not putting fattening garbage in your mouth. But when you eat, there’s a simple strategy you can use to keep yourself from eating too much of whatever you’re eating.


Americans generally eat to fast. They don’t take enough time to eat. We pioneered “fast food”, after all. We eat “on the go”. We “eat and run”. That helps make us fat.

When you shovel food into your mouth like a vacuum cleaner, your body doesn’t have time to register the volume of what you’ve eaten. In other words, you eat so fast that you overwhelm your “full” mechanism.

When you’re body doesn’t know it’s full, you probably still feel hungry. If you slow down, you might be surprised at how you can eat less and still feel satisfied. All you need to do is give your body time to feel full.

A simple way to slow down is to chew a certain number of times. Start with 10 or 15. Another strategy is not to eat while watching television. Personally, I can down an entire can of Pringles without even noticing if I’m in front of the tube. Used to do it all the time…when I was 20. If I did it now, I’d gain weight.

Next time you eat, slow down. Savor your food. Don’t just shovel it in. You’ll enjoy it more, and your body will have time to tell you when you’re full.

That’s the easiest weight loss strategy I know of.

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