Lose Weight Eating Cookies

It’s a myth that you can’t eat anything you want and still lose weight.

You can eat anything you want. You simply can’t eat too much of it.

Do you want a piece of pizza? Have one. Don’t eat a large with pepperoni all by yourself.

Do you want some cake? Eat a piece, not half the cake.

This sounds obvious, but it never ceases to amaze me at the wacky stuff people say about losing weight. My mother’s office is a good example.

She works with a large number of women who happen to be overweight. They all complain about it. They say things like, “I just can’t seem to lose weight.” Well, you should see these ladies eat. When there’s an office lunch, they eat everything set before them. Sure, they eat salad, with a gallon of Thousand Island.

My mother doesn’t. She used to be overweight. Now she’s 5’4″ tall, 60 years old, and under 120 pounds. What’s the difference? She doesn’t eat like a starving woman.

The funny thing is when Mom actually does eat a cookie. If anybody else sees her do it, they usually say something like, “How can you EAT that and be so thin?” The answer is simple. It’s the first cookie she’s had in a few days, and the only one she’ll have that day.

You can eat anything you want and still lose weight. You just can’t eat all you want of whatever you want whenever you want. That’s common sense, which isn’t so common these days.

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