Killing Cravings

You’re at the office, or out with friends. That friend of yours–you know, the one who looks like a stick without even trying–has just settled down to a slab of cheesecake.

Odds are good you look at that cheesecake like it’s heaven on a plate. You WANT the cheesecake. But hey, you’re with a crowd, and they know you’re on a diet.

Now, imagine you’re by yourself. How’s that different? Simple. If you’re alone you’ll EAT the cheesecake. Forget this stinkin’ diet!

I can’t stop you from wanting the cheesecake, but I can give you a temporary fix that might get you past the strongest phase of your craving. That’s when temptation is worst.

A simple way to fight this is to drink two huge glasses of water. When you chug those down, you really won’t want to think about eating right then. You’ll be FULL. That can give you some time to be more rational, and remind yourself of the self control you said you were going to have when you first decided to lose weight.

You probably don’t drink enough water anyway, so a couple extra glasses will do you good.

This isn’t a magic fix, of course. Once that water goes through your system, you’ll still have to confront the cheesecake. But you know what? Drink another two glasses!

This does two things. First, it keeps you from eating the cheescake (remember, you’re FULL). Second, it actually has a psychological effect. You’re conditioning your mind to think “full” when you see cheesecake. I’m no psychologist, but I’ll bet that association can help you lose weight by avoiding fatty foods.

Water’s cheap, good for you, and certainly low-calorie. And it might just help you kill cravings too.

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