Just Say No To Soda

The typical soft drink can has 150 calories worth of soda in it. Most people drink at least one per day, if not two or three. The math isn’t hard.

If you drink two cans of soda per day, that’s 150 to 450 extra calories per day. A pound of fat (gross as that may sound) has roughly 3,500 calories. That’s 23 cans of soda. You drink that every 12 days. That’s a pound of extra fat every 12 days.

Unless you’re burning those extra calories (most people aren’t), they stick around–around your hips, around your thighs, around your gut. And if you’re adding an extra pound every 12 days, that’s 30 extra pounds per year.

Is it any wonder so many people are overweight?

If you want to save yourself from packing on those extra pounds, you have two choices. You can burn another 150 to 450 calories per day doing something, or you can stop drinking soda. At least the high octane, calorie-filled kind.

Drink diet soda instead, or even better, drink water. There’s just no reason to be ingesting all those extra calories. You’re getting nothing from them, except fat.

Are you almost emotionally attached to your soda, but say you don’t have time to exercise? Well, I hate to break it to you, but something’s gotta give. Either you have to spend time buring calories, or you have to reduce how many calories you take in.

Call it the physics of eating. You can bend the rules of physics willy-nilly. These rules you have to follow.

If you absolutely must have your soda, go for the diet variety, and stop digging the overweight hole you’re in.

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