Beans: Get Full, Not Fat

Not too long ago, I had a meal at home that featured beans. A gargantuan bowl of beans.

I rather like beans. There are definitely enough varieties to choose from, so I’m quite sure you can find ones you like. The best news, though, is that you can eat roughly your own weight in beans and get almost no calories.

And these suckers fill you up pronto. Sit down to a heaping bowl of pinto beans and see if you’re not bursting your buttons inside five minutes. Your eating speed doesn’t matter either, because these are good for you! Feel free to shovel them in!

Hold on a minute, let’s not get too carried away. You can probably eat too many beans. They might have some, uh, negative side effects for you (everybody’s different there). And if you pile cheese sauce on top of them, you oeverwhelm the good parts of beans with extra calories.

But if you don’t corrupt them by cooking them in butter, or something like that, beans can be a weight loss secret weapon for you. That’s true in two ways.

First, beans by themselves are great. If you go to the grocery store and pick out several varieties to try (there are probably at least 50 at your favorite place to shop), you can find two or three that you enjoy. Then you can eat them by themselves to help fill you up at meals, without eating lots of calories.

Second, beans can be “filler” to reduce the amount of more fattening stuff you eat. I’m not talking about sprinkling them on your ice cream. I’m talking about adding beans to a dish that has meat in it. You can seriously reduce your sausage intake, for example, if you add some beans to it.

So go hunting at your grocery store to find some beans you like. They’re a great weapon in your weight loss arsenal.

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