Toxins and You

Modern life brings many conveniences and benefits with it, but along with things like cars, smartphones, and quick foods come pollution. The environment we live in is full of toxic substances.

Byproducts from manufacturing, mining, and commuting are just a few big ones worth mentioning.

By the time you finish reading this chapter, you’ll be amazed at how many toxins there are, and you’ll be even more motivated to lose weight using the natural power of The Red Tea detox.

The connection between toxins and fat may not be clear to you yet, but you’ll soon see how these two seemingly separate issues are deeply intertwined.

Where are Toxins Found?

Each and every day, your body is bombarded by chemicals and other toxins.

Pesticides, herbicides, and even prescription medications are found in common foods, and they’re even found in the water that comes out of your kitchen tap.

Toxins are often found in soil, air, and groundwater, and even clean-looking streams, rivers, and lakes can be polluted. Synthetic materials are all around us; these contain toxins, too.

Some sources of toxins are obvious. For example, drugs and tobacco, food additives such as dyes and artificial flavorings, and dirty air and water are a few things you may already avoid.

Other sources of toxins are less prominent.

Did you know that many household products and personal care preparations contain toxins?

These are absorbed when you breathe fumes, as well as when you apply things like artificial fragrances and petroleum-based moisturizers to your skin.

Toxins from outside sources are called exogenous toxins. Think of these as anything that can be absorbed via breathing, eating, drinking, or contact.

Your body creates toxins, too. These most often come from byproducts that are created during times of stress, as well as from byproducts of persistent, negative emotional states. Known as endogenous toxins, these and other self-produced toxins are part of your body’s biochemical processes.

The Red Tea Detox will clear your system and give you a clean slate; first though, it’s helpful to know what you’re dealing with.

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