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Dear Friend

Argument: (Play this idea up before the first subhead) Want to know a secret? It's something the “diet industry” won't tell you, but it's absolutely true.

Why You're Still Fat After Years Of Dieting

Argument: You'll lose 8-10 pounds in the first month of ANY diet! But then the weight loss stops. What you really want is permanent weight loss. Any other kind is a just another trip on the diet yo-yo, and you've had enough of that, right?

How To Look Amazing In 2012

Argument: It's YOUR turn to look amazing. You've probably heard of those “extreme makeover” shows? (And continue with this section that you already have in your copy.)

Women getting thinDrop The First 10 Pounds Quick

Argument: Cover the first report -> Lose 10 pounds fast. Nothing helps you succeed like a little success. This simple strategy will give you some VERY soon. It's not a long-term strategy, but it works to drop weight fast. Use it to jumpstart your weight loss, or to target a short-term loss.

Kick Yo-Yo Dieting To The Curb

Argument: Cover the second report -> The basic step that most people don't take that will doom you to “yo-yo” diet failure. This is the lesson I bet nobody ever taught you, and it's holding you back big-time.

Snack Without Regrets

Argument: Cover the third report -> The ONLY “diet” that has ever really worked. There's no need for “fad” diets that leave about 50% of people at least as heavy in a year. This medically smart, scientifically proven “diet” is the only one you'll ever need.

Continually Discover New Opportunities To Burn More Calories

Argument: Cover the fourth report -> Real Exercise For Real People. This simple secret can have you looking thin and fit in 30 minutes per day, 3-5 days per week. You DON'T have to spend 4 hours a day at the gym.

It's Amazing How Much Weight You Can Lose When You Stop Trying!

Argument: Cover the fifth report -> Your Psychological Weight Loss Secret Weapon. If you've been trying to lose weight without knowing and using secret weapon in this eBook, I'll bet you've been frustrated. This can melt the frustration away. Give yourself “stealth self control” anytime you need it.

You'll Discover How To Manipulate Your Body In To Losing Weight…

5 simple rules allow you to STOP COUNTING CALORIES while still dropping fat from your body.

A 30 minute exercise that rapidly burns fat and doesn't require a trip to the gym!

How to lose weight AND live a NORMAL life. Snack when you're hungry, eat at restaurants, even order fast food like McDonald's and still see consistent fat loss.

Powerful tools for ending self sabotage and KEEPING the weight off.

An amazing “jedi-mind-trick” for easily acquiring the self-control to stick to your new lifestyle.

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You'll be shouting “Yes!” and smiling ear to ear when your clothes from YEARS ago are starting to fit again.

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Finally You've Discovered The Secret To Sexy

There's a magic formula for being sexy. Almost every woman out there wished they had it.

woman with weights losing wegihtAlways in the back of your mind is the reading on the scale making you feel like a failure.

It doesn't have to be that way!

Finally dropping your extra pounds and keeping them off forever is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Imagine the thin you walking into a job interview. BAM! No more feeling secretly embarrassed, wondering if the other person in the room sees you as “fat”.

Imagine your child's next parent/teacher night. There you are with all the other parents. Many of them are overweight, because they've let themselves get so harried that they…well…let themselves go. But not you. You look good, and everybody knows it. Shoot, they can see it.

Imagine walking in the door and your spouse grabbing you, kissing you passionately, and saying, “Hello, sexy.” And really meaning it. POW! That's another deposit in your psychological bank.

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The only diet that has ever worked“The Only Diet That Has Ever Worked” that details the only eating plan that WORKS long term.


real exercise for real people“Real Exercise For Real People” to make it easy to stay active while living a NORMAL life.

psycological secret weapon

“Your Psychological Weight Loss Secret Weapon” that teaches you to win and keep self-control for years to come.


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