Cinderella Solution Review

There is a controversial new diet sweeping the Twitter verse and the inter webs.

And it's called the Cinderella solution.

What is this diet, does it work? Is it effective? Is it safe?

I'm going to get into that right now.

The Cinderella solution is the best selling product right now and all of us know that only ultra-amazing product become a bestseller.

Okay, let's get into the Cinderella Solution Review.

The Cinderella solution is a unique weight loss system that focuses on what's happening within the female body.

According to the author of the system; Carly Donovan. She says there are three hormones responsible for the weight gain in a woman.

They are estrogens, cortisol, and insulin.

So this system was developed to cure this problem with some very specific exercises and diets and these exercise are not cardio exercises.

It is unique and no gym membership is required in this program. It was designed by women for women with a dietary and workout approach suitable for female metabolism.

The methods included in this program utilize burning fat in a natural way without worrying too much about counting calories at every bite.

The diet plans are more enjoyable and tasty than robot like calorie based diet plans.

Okay, now let's see how this program works.

The program consists of two phases workouts and diets.

The workouts are very unique, which focuses on the parts which has high fat and once again, I want to say that you don't need any gym membership.

Carly Donovan observed that certain countries do seem to display lower levels of body weight and obesity problems despite eating starchy foods or drinking wine.

Even indulging in any other desirable foods in countries such as Spain or Japan.

In these countries they eat fats, carbs, and drink wine but display a healthy low body weight and impressive longevity.

And the reason for this apparent contradiction is in the way the Spanish and Japanese eat their foods, mixing them in one meal in the right combinations without a care about calories.

The right foods combined in the right way increases the feeling of satisfaction before you have a chance of overeating. And can also leave you feeling satisfied for longer.

Meaning less cravings and no bingeing eating.

This simple factor alone can naturally help lose fat to healthy levels as it tackles the hunger and satiation response at root level.

Some combinations are green tea and men, salmon and asparagus, apples and chocolates.

The diet program runs on to 14 day phases called ignite and launch for a total of 28 days.

The two phases work in slightly different way.

The workouts are supported by a 50 video tutorial online library that you can access from smartphone or PC through links in the workout manual which you can also download for safekeeping.

Macie – Before & After

So you do not need to go streaming every time. Each workout session typically lasts from eight to 20 minutes and you will get the best information to lose your weight.

All you have to do is follow it. This program shows simple solution to female fat loss with clear step by step guidance on foods

If you really wants to lose your weight you must start somewhere and start now.

Also; if you click through THIS LINK you're going to get a few extras too when you purchase the Cinderella Solution.

You're ALSO going to get powerful ADDITIONAL bonuses (100% FREE).

Number one is Health Compendium. This book helps rewarding yourself and getting your health and wellness in order to vital vitamin nutrients.

This is useful for your entire family.

This book consists discusses the role of vitamins for body nutrition, the risk of vitamin deficiencies, types of vitamins, sources of vitamins from food, choosing the right vitamins, vitamins for infants, adult and seniors.

And you're also going to get 100 weight loss tips. This book consists of 100 weight loss tips to quickly refer to and their do's and don'ts.

Take action now and lose your weight and lead a healthy life.

Red Tea Detox Review

There is often a lot of debate in the medical and fitness community about whether we really need to detox.

One camp believes that a good detox has many beneficial effects, while the other camp believes that the body is capable of detoxing on its own,

So the question is…

Who is right?

The answer is that both groups are right, the body is capable of detoxing on its own. That is indeed true.

So do products such as detox tea and patches help cleanse itself the body?

The fact of the matter is that polluted environments, poor diet choices, water intake, and other factors add toxins into our system.

While the liver can get rid of the toxins, it doesn't hurt to give it some help to speed things up. It's best to not overwork your liver.

To that end, the red tea detox is one of the best detox tea recipes available.

It's a best seller and has sold thousands of copies. The ingredients used in this tea are easy to get and contain a lot of antioxidant properties and fat burning benefits.

Created by Liz Swan Miller, the recipe is said to have come from Africa.

The story goes that Liz got the recipe from a shaman there. We were skeptical of the story.

However, even though it's interesting and does make for effective marketing all we were interested in is if the red tea detox works

And here's what we found out…

The book is detailed but also written in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand. The instructions and invaluable tips are on point and the information is reliable.

It's not just untested theory. The red tea detox has sold thousands of copies and is an online bestseller.

It has been there for quite a while and there are other websites filled with positive testimonials from actual buyers.

That's enough social proof to reassure anyone that the product actually works.

If you follow the detox program, any inflammation in the body will subside. It'll also be much easier to lose weight.

People have reported feeling lighter and more energetic after the detox and additional benefit is that it also improves your sleep quality.

Liz Miller – Six Times Best Selling Author
  • While the first part of the book covers the importance and merits of detoxing.
  • The second part of the book will explain the 14 day detox and what you need to do. The plan is laid out well and all you need to do is follow it.
  • The third and final part of the book will give you a 21 day eating plan to follow. This will help you to burn more calories, shed the excess fat and maintain hormonal balance.

The 21 day duration will also help you to form healthy eating habits and teach you how to make good food choices.

The detox tea has several health benefits such as preventing growth of fat cells stabilizing blood sugar levels, helping to de-stress the body, reducing bad cholesterol levels, getting rid of intrinsic and extrinsic toxins, having antioxidant properties, reducing food cravings and appetite improving blood circulation.

You also get an exercise plan to help you lose more weight and get fit. Liz includes a motivational guy to keep you focused and on track as well.

That can be helpful when you're feeling down while trying to make positive changes.

Worried that the red tea detox is all highly priced?

Don't be, as the product is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

No questions asked. Nobody has reported a problem with refunds if it's not been the right fit for them.

Here's what you need to know about the Red Tea Detox.

  • The book is only available online so a computer and internet connection is required to purchase and download. Once you download it, you can print out a physical copy for easy reference.
  • While the red tea detox works it's not a miracle cure. After the detox you'll need to adopt the clean diet so that you do not add toxins back into your system.
  • Consistency and disciplined eating is required.

If you're looking to cleanse your body lose weight and feel better you should buy the red tea detox today .

This book will help you achieve those goals.

Courtney & Sammy
Jade & Suzanne

There are many types of detox teas and patches that are commercially sold but you won't need to spend a dime on all these other products if you have the red tea detox recipe.

This is a one time investment that will help you reap the rewards of healthier living for many years to come.

For example: every three or six months or so you could do a detox and get rid of harmful toxins with this tea.

And we've concluded that this product does indeed work and is worth getting.

Use it to improve your health today. You'll look and feel the difference, start feeling healthier and seeing the results within a few days.

We hoped you enjoyed this review of the Red Tea Detox System.

We highly recommend it as a legit and genuine detoxing system. You won't be sorry you got it!

Red vs Green vs Black Tea

Discover the Amazing Health & Weight Loss Benefits of Red Tea

A common mistake many dieters make is not taking into account what they drink. The truth is; the fluids you consume can have just as big an impact on your waistline – and your health – as the foods you eat.

Of course, for dieters who are serious about losing weight, that means no more soda and no more alcohol… But what about green tea and black tea?

Are these teas good for you? Or can they actually cause you to gain unwanted weight?

The answer may surprise you.

You see, most people think green tea, in particular, can help you lose weight, not gain it…

But that may not necessarily be the case.

Several studies have shown that green tea does not affect weight loss.

For example; a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009 found that green tea extract did not affect the resting metabolic rate of 12 normal-weight men.

Meanwhile, a Cochrane Review of green tea research found that green tea led to only small, statistically insignificant weight loss in overweight or obese adults. The review also noted that regular consumption of green tea didn't help people keep weight off.

In addition to these alarming findings, there could be another problem – if you are putting sugar into your green tea, that could be a source of extra calories that you are not accounting for.

According to experts, people who are frequent tea drinkers may consume up to 300 calories or more a day from sugar alone.

So what about Black tea?

Black tea is actually “burnt green tea,” and it is full of caffeine just like regular green tea. Ingesting too much caffeine can cause heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting and “jittery” feelings.

Even if you drink decaffeinated green or black tea, the decaffeination process destroys much of the natural ingredients. It makes more sense to drink a tea that naturally contains no caffeine (like the tea I’m going to reveal in just a moment).

Another common problem with black tea is that it is often taken with milk, which slows down the absorption rate of valuable antioxidants and polyphenols. Surprisingly, skim milk slows this process down at a greater extent than whole milk.

So if green tea and black tea are not ideal for weight loss, what should the responsible dieter drink?

The answer is found in the jungles of Africa, where Kenyan tribesmen drink red tea to eliminate hunger pangs while they hunt for their next meal.

Red tea not only gets rid of hunger pangs, but it also promotes fat burning and boosts energy without relying on caffeine. That’s right, red tea is caffeine free.

Red tea is basically the perfect health drink.

It’s refreshing and tasty and can be served hot or iced. It helps clear toxins… it reduces fat-storing hormones… and it promotes the production of fat-burning hormones… all while naturally reducing stress and balancing your sugar levels.

I’m a naturopath, and I’ve spent years studying the benefits and side-effects of each of the 5 unique ingredients that go into red tea. It’s these ingredients, which can be found at the local supermarket.

Working together make RED TEA the ultimate metabolism-boosting, fat-busting, energy-revitalizing drink… and these ingredients are not found in green or black tea.

It’s a great alternative to caffeine — with absolutely no jitters, so “flushing fat away” is safe and rapid. Red tea also contains no fats or carbohydrates. The flavor is mild and slightly sweet.

One more thing about red tea: it has no oxalic acid, so there is no risk of kidney stones, unlike with black and green teas. It also has very low tannin levels, so it’s much better for you than green and black teas that have high tannin levels and can bind iron.

One great thing about red tea is that it is packed full of powerful antioxidants that fight oxidative damage caused by toxins in your body. These antioxidants are scientifically proven to have an antibacterial, antiparasitic and antiviral action to boost your immunity.

The bottom line is; drinking delicious red tea not only “halts hunger” but can also reverse the harm caused by the built-up toxins in your fat cells, thanks to its powerful antioxidants.

That’s why I believe that red tea could be the breakthrough that many people struggling to lose fat have been waiting for.

This delicious red tea requires no doctor’s visits, no lectures about losing weight, no expensive pills, no starvation dieting and no intense workouts…

And best of all — it helps eliminate harmful fat by working with your body’s natural fat-burning metabolism, without you feeling any cravings or hunger pangs at all!

  • Imagine enjoying the foods you love: steak, a beer, or even a dessert — completely guilt-free.
  • Imagine living a life free of expensive prescriptions and endless doctor’s visits to renew the pills.
  • And imagine feeling good and living your life without obsessing about every single calorie you eat…

… All while knowing your health is being protected by one of the most powerful natural healing red teas ever discovered.

That’s what is possible with the new Red Tea Detox Program. Utilizing red tea along with several myth-busting diet rules, this program can help you lose up to 14 pounds in just weeks.

With the program, you get everything you need to lose weight, including the red tea recipe and all the sources for the 5 unique ingredients (which can be found at any grocery store for pennies).

You also get:

  • A complete 14-day meal plan that includes recipes for satisfying, delicious snacks to halt any cravings instantly. The meal plan covers four phases: The Red Tea Detox Phase 1: Days 1 – 5; The Red Tea Detox Phase 2: Day 6; The Red Tea Detox Phase 3: Days 7 and 8; The Red Tea Detox Phase 4: Calorie Restriction Based on BMR
  • The Red Tea Detox Exercise Plan, which has the potential to almost double your fat-burning results.
  • The Red Tea Detox Willpower Motivation and Mindset Plan, which dispels the common myths about willpower and makes sure you stay motivated to lose maximum weight.

The Red Tea Detox works equally well for both women and men.

It also doesn’t matter if you have a lot of weight to lose or just a few pounds, it can quickly help you achieve your weight loss goal.

This program is ideal for anyone who is concerned about their health (especially if you are over the age of 35) … Anyone who wants to lose stubborn fat around their belly, butt, and thighs … Anyone who wants to lose weight without feeling hungry or unsatisfied.

It doesn’t matter how stubborn that belly fat has been. The Red Tea Detox can help you lose unwanted weight in record time.

You’ll rebalance your fat loss hormones and unblock crucial metabolic fat-burning steps, so you can control your fat-burning and fat-storing hormones and do it as easy as 1-2-3.

To learn much more about this powerful program and how it can help you lose even the most stubborn fat, click here now.

No other detox program contains these 5 unique ingredients scientifically proven to unlock stubborn fat cells, release hard-to-lose fat deposits, and flush fat away.

Your body uses multiple steps to release fat naturally. Even if just one step is blocked, your fat loss will grind to a halt. This gets crucial the older you get because you are more likely to have one or more of these steps blocked.

The Red Tea Detox System unblocks all these steps – that’s why it is 100% guaranteed to help you burn fat and lose all the weight you want.

TEA Detoxing Benefits

You will come across a surfeit of methods for detoxification. Not all methods are healthy and safe for you, and therefore, you have to be careful when selecting a method.

One of the most effective ways to detox your body is with tea.

There are many different types of teas available that you can use for detoxification. These include green tea, oolong tea, sencha tea, and most importantly, red tea.

As you would know, regular tea (or chai tea, as it is known in popular lexicon), is a popular beverage around the world. Many people around the world don’t start their day until they brew a cup of tea.

However, these are not the only reasons why tea is great for detoxification. You get a number of health benefits by drinking tea on a regular basis, which include:

The popularity of the beverage hinges primarily on its lower caffeine content, as compared to coffee, and the feeling of freshness it provides.

  • Increasing the quantity of antioxidants in your body. Antioxidants are soldiers in the battle against toxins. Plus, it keeps your system from deteriorating due to age and environmental factors.
  • Tea contains less caffeine than coffee. Herbal teas, in fact, don’t contain any caffeine.
  • Even other types of teas don’t contain more than 50% of the caffeine content of coffee, making them a superior option.
  • Tea is great for your heart health. Numerous studies and researches have shown that you can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by drinking tea on a daily basis.
  • It is the perfect hot beverage for people at risk of cardiovascular health problems.
  • The pH level of your mouth improves when drink a cup of tea. This effect can reduce the risk of tooth loss, and improve your smile.
  • Some forms of tea are particularly known for being great for digestion. People dealing with digestive distress are often advised to drink green tea or chamomile tea.

The Benefits of Using Tea for Detoxing

As long as you don’t add any milk or sugar, tea is calorie-free. Tea is the perfect substitute to water, if you are tired of the bland taste. You will find tea available in a variety of flavors, which makes it a great choice for improving hydration without sticking exclusively to water.

Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other health benefits to be had from drinking tea, depending on the type of tea you opt for. Coming back to the point, drinking tea is a great way to detoxify your body.

There are two steps to daily detoxification: refreshing and cleansing. Refreshing refers to the process of restoring the electrolytes and other nutrients your body loses as a result of the cleansing process.

Cleansing, as is self-explanatory, involves cleaning your colon by filtering out all the toxins and waste that builds up within your system at the end of the day. Tea can perform both these functions effectively, though you might have to opt for two different types of tea.

For example, the tea you drink in the morning should be refreshing, i.e. contain the nutrients your body needs as well as have high electrolyte content.

The tea you drink for cleansing should be efficient at detoxifying, removing all harmful elements via your colon.

Detoxing vs Dieting

As mentioned in the introduction, detoxification is the process of expelling toxins from your
body. An effective way of doing so is preventing the said toxins from entering your system
in the first place.

Now, when you’re dieting, you usually:

  • Cut out certain foods from your daily diet according to the guidelines of the diet plan you are following.
  • Restrict the number of calories you consume on a daily basis

Detoxing, on the other hand, involves changing your eating habits to reduce your intake of foods that contain toxins or toxic substances. Because your body is constantly exposed to toxins, continual detox is important, and you can do this by modifying your diet.

Why Detoxing Is Better?

There are several reasons why detoxing is better than dieting:


Let’s say your diet plan requires you to stop eating ice cream, or pizza. While you may be able to stay away from your favorite foods for a few months, you can’t sustain it in the long run.

Your level of satisfaction decreases when you deprive yourself of certain food items, especially the ones you like. There will come a time when you buckle under the pressure and give in to temptation.

The entire concept of ‘cheat days’ is based on this lack of satisfaction. Detoxing is far more sustainable than dieting.


Dieting is great for obtaining short term results. You can lose a few pounds quickly, which can enhance your appearance. However, a restrictive diet plan will eventually lead to a lack of energy.

As you would know, calories are the main source of energy. If you are eating less and working out more, you need to maintain a balance or else you will deprive yourself of energy. This happens in most cases, where dieters struggle with lack of energy and a constant feeling of fatigue.

Detoxification, on the other hand, reduces the toxin buildup in your system, which naturally boosts your energy levels and also improves your immunity.


You might be able to cut out belly fat with vigorous dieting and exercise, but your skin may not look as great. Many people who go on crash diets have wrinkles and lines on their skin, even though they manage to lose weight. Surely, this tradeoff is not worth your while!

The main reason people want to lose weight is because they want to look and feel their best. This is certainly not the outcome when you opt for a crash diet, where your skin bears the brunt of your weight loss efforts. Detoxification can give you the weight loss results you are seeking, without any adverse impact on your appearance.

The bottom-line is that detoxing is a superior option to dieting. You can achieve long-lasting weight loss. You can rest assured there will be no risks to your health and safety, and you’ll look great in record time.

6 Reasons That Make Red Tea Detoxing So Powerful


Your body has its own mechanisms for removing toxins, but overexposure causes a burden, slowing the detoxification process.

By drinking red tea, you can give your body some help with detoxification, making it much easier to eliminate the toxins that lead to weight gain and harm your well-being.

Detoxification helps you live better and happier, and it can also help you live a longer life.

How does this work?

We’re always breathing air, drinking water and other beverages, and of course, eating our favorite foods. But what happens after the body extracts what it needs from the particles we ingest?

Digestion results in even more waste.

While this is a natural byproduct of the digestive process, some waste is almost always left behind, and your toxic load increases. The powerful red super fruits and super foods provide fiber that sweeps your body clean, tones your digestive system, and eliminates built-up toxins along the way.

Weight Loss

Did you know that simply losing between one-fifth and one-tenth of your current weight can lead to a whole host of health benefits?

Scientific evidence points to a decrease in bad (LDL) cholesterol and an increase in good (HDL) cholesterol, a significant drop in triglycerides (fat found in your blood), and a decrease in problems related to high blood pressure.

The same amount of weight loss has a positive impact on diabetes and improves sleep apnea. Inflammation that leads to strokes and heart attacks drops with a weight loss of ten percent or higher.

A staggering number of Americans are overweight, and obesity is a problem that compounds other health problems. Even when we have just a few pounds to lose, we reap benefits by shedding the excess weight!

If you are hoping to lose weight, you will not be disappointed by your newfound red tea habit.

These delicious blends are so tasty that they seem like forbidden treats, but their high water content, fiber, and nutritious ingredients let you enjoy them in abundance while staying full, reducing the cravings that accompany most weight loss plans, and feeling no sense of deprivation.

Outstanding Hydration

You might be surprised to discover that proper hydration helps to ensure that your entire body functions properly. Your muscles, digestive system, brain, and even your immune system rely on good hydration to work properly.

And some of the things we drink – even though they’re liquids – dehydrate, rather than hydrate the body! Alcohol, soda, and coffee are the primary culprits.

Some other habits lead to dehydration too; smoking cigarettes and eating processed foods are two common ones that you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Besides avoiding sources of dehydration and drinking lots of water each day, you’ll find red tea contributes to superior hydration, which helps keep everything moving smoothly and contributes to immediate feelings of good health.

Like many people, you are likely to feel a little overwhelmed by all the liquids at first, but keep on sipping. Your body will quickly figure out that it’s finally getting the moisture it has been missing, and the entire process of sipping will feel welcome and refreshing.

Better Digestion

Have you ever heard the term “SAD” applied as an acronym for the Standard American Diet?

This shortcut is an appropriate one, because this diet, based on lots of processed foods, meat, dairy products, unhealthy fat, and salt leads to a whole host of diseases, not to mention digestive woes ranging from heartburn to colitis to irritable bowel syndrome to acid reflux (to name just a few!).

Red tea gives your body a much-needed break from all of these substances, helping to clear the sludge from your intestines and colon and letting the body reset its delicate digestive balance.

Easy to Make

Red tea is so easy to make that you may wonder where they’ve been all your life! If you lead a busy lifestyle as so many of us do, then you will appreciate the five-minute prep time and quick cleanup.

Incredibly Delicious

I’ve mentioned this before, and it bears mentioning again. If for some reason you are still on the fence about undertaking this cleanse, it is definitely time for you to hop off and get started! For many people, it’s uncertainty that holds them back.

You can take it from me, a certified foodie, that there is absolutely nothing to fear in the taste department. Red Tea is just amazing, with its rich, zingy flavors. Even children enjoy drinking them!

There’s no such thing as a miracle drug for detox and weight loss, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to get the process over with quickly. Red tea comes close, but I won’t lie – you’ve got to be willing to commit to your own success and you absolutely must make an effort.

This is one area where many “diets” fail. Their creators use “quick and easy” as code for “no effort required” and in the process they negate the importance of effort and commitment.

Why Detox With RED Tea?

You might be wondering why a red tea detox is important, and you’re probably curious about what this process will do for your body.

You already know that a good detox will help you jump-start weight loss, but there’s a lot more to it than shedding excess weight.

Toxins play a big part in many physical, mental, and emotional problems that are so common that we have a tendency to chalk them up to “getting older” or “just a normal part of life.”

Many of these issues are inter-related, and some have a direct link to obesity. Some of the following problems can be caused by toxins (or worsened by them) and might apply to you:

 Mood swings
 Low energy
 Insomnia
 Difficulty concentrating
 Headaches
 Eczema
 Muscle and/or joint pain
 Asthma
 Allergies
 Fibromyalgia
 Lower back pain
 Osteoarthritis
 Fatty liver disease
 Gallstones
 Carpal tunnel syndrome
 Chronic fatigue
 Premature aging
 Digestive issues like diarrhea, bloating, and constipation
 Food allergies
 Skin conditions such as acne

How is this possible?

Long story short, toxins affect the way cells function and over time, they can change cell structure as well.

Consider cancer, which is often associated with toxins that the sufferer has come into contact with, and you can see the connection.

We’ve been conditioned to accept toxins in various forms, and to believe that they’re a necessary part of modern life. Living with toxic buildup has been normalized despite the fact that people are fatter and sicker than ever before.

Even though people in western nations are living longer, we’re also subject to chronic illnesses that were once rare.

While the body has built-in mechanisms for eliminating toxins (sweating, urination, defecation, and even crying are among them), natural detoxification just isn’t enough.

Regularly detoxing with red tea can change your life by reversing symptoms including those associated with obesity – and that’s why red tea detox has such a huge focus on dieting to get rid of excess fat.

Fat & Toxins – A Deadly Combination

When you take toxins in, they find their way into your cells, including your fat tissues.

Although your body has its own built-in detoxification system, it is not set up to adequately deal with all the toxins that come with life in today’s environment.

The growing rates of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, autism, fatigue, heart disease, infertility, allergies, and obesity seen in modern society have a direct link to toxins inside our bodies.

Even biochemicals are harder for your body to eliminate than they were before outside toxins interfered and led to an overworked system. As a result, your immune system suffers, your metabolism suffers, and you stay tired, sick, and fat.

Many of the toxins that your body now holds are stored inside your fat cells. That’s a big part of the reason why there’s such an intense focus on losing weight fast during The Red Tea Detox. Getting rid of the fat and flushing the toxins happens simultaneously.

One of the reasons your body holds onto fat despite your best efforts is that it uses that fat as a “safe” storage facility for things like pesticides and mercury.

Holding onto fat and retaining water are two mechanisms the body uses to dilute toxins in an attempt to cause the least amount of harm possible.

While the body will naturally flush toxins, it doesn’t happen if you keep on taking them in by following the Standard American Diet (SAD).

As you keep on taking in toxins, your body’s defenses are triggered and your immune system steps in by increasing the amount of inflammation in the body.

Detoxing gives your body a much-needed break from the constant influx of chemicals, and it allows your system to flush accumulated toxins.

The herbs in Red Tea support detoxification by fighting inflammation, boosting immunity, and helping with the waste removal process.

Toxins and You

Modern life brings many conveniences and benefits with it, but along with things like cars, smartphones, and quick foods come pollution. The environment we live in is full of toxic substances.

Byproducts from manufacturing, mining, and commuting are just a few big ones worth mentioning.

By the time you finish reading this chapter, you’ll be amazed at how many toxins there are, and you’ll be even more motivated to lose weight using the natural power of The Red Tea detox.

The connection between toxins and fat may not be clear to you yet, but you’ll soon see how these two seemingly separate issues are deeply intertwined.

Where are Toxins Found?

Each and every day, your body is bombarded by chemicals and other toxins.

Pesticides, herbicides, and even prescription medications are found in common foods, and they’re even found in the water that comes out of your kitchen tap.

Toxins are often found in soil, air, and groundwater, and even clean-looking streams, rivers, and lakes can be polluted. Synthetic materials are all around us; these contain toxins, too.

Some sources of toxins are obvious. For example, drugs and tobacco, food additives such as dyes and artificial flavorings, and dirty air and water are a few things you may already avoid.

Other sources of toxins are less prominent.

Did you know that many household products and personal care preparations contain toxins?

These are absorbed when you breathe fumes, as well as when you apply things like artificial fragrances and petroleum-based moisturizers to your skin.

Toxins from outside sources are called exogenous toxins. Think of these as anything that can be absorbed via breathing, eating, drinking, or contact.

Your body creates toxins, too. These most often come from byproducts that are created during times of stress, as well as from byproducts of persistent, negative emotional states. Known as endogenous toxins, these and other self-produced toxins are part of your body’s biochemical processes.

The Red Tea Detox will clear your system and give you a clean slate; first though, it’s helpful to know what you’re dealing with.